Below is a collage of commentaries on current events from a simple engineer’s perspective. The posts apply philosophy, mathematics, and science to assess current problems with an unbiased eye toward solutions. To make things interesting, I include an occasional short story or essay. Note: posts before June 8th are COVID related. After that I wander over wider topics that catch my attention.

January 2021

January 12: Please Opt Out of Inauguration Day – an open letter to my son living in Washington DC.

November 2020

October 2020

September 2020

August 2020

July 2020

June 2020

May 2020

  • May 31, Day 77: A Hollywood Script That Practically Writes Itself – Assessing how the three major COVID models performed in May and comparing results with my model.
  • May 30, Day 76: The Malicious Malfeasance of MDs – Using the medical profession’s logic for counting COVID deaths to conclude the coronavirus saves lives.
  • May 29, Day 75: The Politics of Wisdom – Putting President Trump’s decision to let individual states manage the crisis in perspective.
  • May 28, Day 74: Free State Walleye – Plotting my strategy to escape the lockdown state of New Mexico and journey through communist controlled Colorado to go walleye fishing in the free state of South Dakota.
  • May 27, Day 73: Cogito, Ergo Sum – Applying the philosophy of Descartes to examine how we’ll know the COVID crisis is over.
  • May 26, Day 72: Cuomo Concedes I Have Been Right – NY Governor Cuomo admits COVID models used by politicians and media have all been wrong, he should have been using my model.
  • May 25, Day 71: COVID Casual – Part three of my short story about Tara and Marcos for you Memorial Day enjoyment.
  • May 24, Day 70: Tracking on Target – The COVID death rate is currently at it’s lowest 7 day average since the apex. My model continues tracking on target, while academic models continue to be orders of magnitude off.
  • May 23, Day 69: Die While I’m Living or Live While I’m Dead? – An analysis into why fewer Americans are dying this year than predicted and why we need to assume some risk in our lives.
  • May 22, Day 68: More Absurdity From the Acutely Unqualified – Breaking down why University of Washington and University of Pennsylvania COVID models are wrong.
  • May 21, Day 67: By the Will of the Governed – Could it be argued that both lockdown and free state governors are acting on the will of their citizens?
  • May 20, Day 66: Townies versus Tourists – What’s going to happen on Memorial Day weekend when city folk flock to small beachfront towns where they’re not welcome?
  • May 19, Day 65: Let Them Eat Cake – Investigating how fake news mischaracterized the famous quote Marie-Antoinette never spoke and lockdown Governors can be so meticulously groomed.
  • May 18, Day 64: Data Is As Data Does – Reassessing my analysis from yesterday in a desperate attempt to find my error.
  • May 17, Day 63: Cooking the Books – Colorado Governor acknowledges CDC overcounting COVID deaths. Russia and China appear to be undercounting. Someone’s cooking the books.
  • May 16, Day 62: Warp Speed – Resistance is Futile – Are we being set up for a vaccine placebo just to declare the crisis over.
  • May 15, Day 61: Crisis of Confidence – Colorado intentionally overcounts COVID deaths. CDC data cannot be trusted.
  • May 14, Day 60: The Languishing Lack of Something To Look Forward To – one casualty of COVID is our collective loss of things to look forward to and how that impacts our mood.
  • May 13, Day 59: Fauci’s Fallacy – Why White House counsel Anthony Fauci should be dismissed as an expert.
  • May 12, Day 58: Opium of the People – Look at Governor outlawing religion while everywhere else is lawlessness.
  • May 11, Day 57: End the Lockdown Hoax – An look at what’s behind perpetrating an unnecessary lockdown.
  • May 10, Day 56: Catch Our Breath – Cooking rather than blogging, but signs continue to point to a June 7th crisis end.
  • May 9, Day 55: Saint Petersburg Paradox – Applying Bernoulli’s “Expected Utility Theory” to help end the COVID crisis.
  • May 8, Day 54: Reparations – A list of reparations and penalties that must be enacted to restore the Nation plus a call to organize.
  • May 7, Day 53: Exponential Projection – Using first principles analysis, I predict the crisis will be over on June 7th with a death count of 86k. Meanwhile, academic models predict August 8th, with 234k deaths.
  • May 6, Day 52: Return of the Gypsy Moth – A prediction of the U.S. COVID death count on August 8th.
  • May 5, Day 51: They’re Back! – Applying first principles analysis to latest federal and academic projections.
  • May 4, Day 50: Russian Leaders Capitulate – After months of denying there was a problem, Russian leaders admit to dealing with a high rate of infection and an overwhelmed healthcare system.
  • May 3, Day 49: Prom, Police, and Three Fire Trucks – Or as I like to put, just another COVID day.
  • May 2, Day 48: Commandant‘s Orders – An assessment of Marshal Law in Gallup, New Mexico.
  • May 1, Day 47: Underlying Conditions – Meeting Marcos – second half of short story about a chance COVID encounter.

April 2020

  • April 15, Day 31: What Would Actuaries Say – Even with COIVID deaths, the U. S. is on track for a normal year for the number of people who die from something.
  • April 14, Day 30: Mythical Apex Day – Plots show apex reached days ago. Federal and academic models missed both the apex date and the projected number of deaths. Open letter to my fellow South Dakotan’s concerning statewide clinical trial of Chloroquine Hydrochloride.
  • April 13, Day 29: Occam’s Razor Applied to the Apex – Director of CDC wrongly says virus continuing to expand. Occam’s Razor validates our models. Where are the “experts” and their due diligence?
  • April 12, Day 28: What Trusted Experts are Missing – CDC data indicates the global death rate is contracting. The US death rate is contracting. Why do experts continue to believe the COVID death rates are expanding with no regard to CDC data?
  • April 11, Day 27: Open Letter to the Media – worried things are still being sensationalized. Trying to get my analysis into the conversation as a voice of reason.
  • April 10, Day 26: The Modeling Malpractice of Fauci/Brix, Persuasion Entertainers, and the Media – federal and academic models continue to sensationalize the situation. U of Washington admits I was right. Fauci/Brix are over-reporting COVID deaths in US. Media is complicit.
  • April 9, Day 25: Difference Without Distinction – Trump and Cuomo are converging to the same decision but from different perspectives. Why are Army special forces not allowed to take Chlorquine Hydochloride. A look at the “pre-existing condition” demographic.
  • April 8, Day 24: The Mea Culpa of Grocery Day – What it’s like to go to the grocery store in the era of COVID. Do we have workers to harvest our produce?
  • April 7, Day 23: Facts Do Not Cease to Exist Because They Are Ignored – The math behind federal and academic pandemic models is not adding up. The US death rate has peaked. Death rate contracting for weeks now. How are the experts missing this.
  • April 6, Day 22: Old Otowi Bridge – Escape quarantine for a motorcycle ride. Assessing the surrealness of the whole thing.
  • April 5, Day 21: Zinc, Quercetin, and a Curious Minded Engineer – History of quinine based drugs and controversy surrounding Chlorquine Hydochloride. Foods in nature that work the same.
  • April 4, Day 20: Fundamental Law of Numerical Methods – Why the federal and academic pandemic models are wrong. Losing confidence and Fauci and Brix.
  • April 3, Day 19: Critical Care Nurse – Escaped quarantine to go dirt bike riding in the wilderness. Chance meeting with a COVID nurse and his assessment of our medical readiness
  • April 2, Day 18: Could President Trump Be Right? – Trump is right to say China is underreporting, but is wrong to say the US will experience 250k deaths by April 14th.
  • April 1, Day 17: Earthquakes, Gypsy Moths, and Trump’s Dire Prediction – Federal and academic models can be peer reviewed using simple exponential equation. Federal model projected deaths too high.
March 2020
  • March 31, Day 16: Darwin Would Agree – Virus not mutating like natural viruses do. Federal and academic models way over estimating the number US dead. Government and media sensationalizing.
  • March 30, Day 15: Do The Math – Radio Free China reports 48K deaths in China while PRC says the number is 2.5k. If China’s death rate were to match Italy’s, the PRC death toll would be closer to 256k.
  • March 29, Day 14: Hug a Nurse – When It’s Okay to Hug Again – Difference between medial doctors and nurses. China is underreporting. US death rate escalating while global death rate flattening. How Sasha is coping.
  • March 28, Day 13: Marshal Law – So It Begins – Rhode Island rounding up out of staters. State governments following the script we predicted 10 years ago when I was part of the Avian Flu Pandemic modeling team.
  • March 27, Day 12: Building Toward our Perfect Crescendo – members of media seem to be using my data.
  • March 26, Day 11: Crisis of Conscience – Government Overreach and will I, or should I, comply. What will the police do?
  • March 25, Day 10: Governor’s Audition – seems a lot of governors are jumping to be the most overreaching, and Virus Statistics – comparing this pandemic to others in the past.
  • March 24, Day 9: It’s Has to be Man Made – Virus not behaving like a natural one.
  • March 23, Day 8: Taking Stock – Assessing the situation at the start.


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