Quarantine Day 10 – The Governor’s Audition

Today is unusually overcast and foreboding, perhaps the glass half-empty crowd could even contend foreshadowing. Nicholas and I were up at dawn before he left with his buddy to hike down the Red Dot Trail to the Rio for some fishing. He packed his fly rod, campfire skillet, and some bacon to go with the fresh trout they planned on catching. It’s hard keeping teenage boys at home for days on end so I didn’t say no when he pitched his plan to me last night. I figure being outside exercising and soaking up vitamin D is a good thing. Besides, the Red Dot Trail is about as socially distant as being on the moon.

Everyone copes with crises differently and for Nicholas its being active in nature. Yesterday he and his buddy drove up to Fenton lake high in the magical Jemez Mountains. They were about to launch their canoe from the otherwise empty shore when an off duty park ranger showed up and kicked them out. Not sure about the logic behind closing remote high mountain lakes, but these are not logical times. I’m glad Nicholas respectfully complied, not sure I would have let it go unchallenged.

While we’re on the subject of irrationality, it appears our governor’s audition to become Joe Biden’s running mate has moved into the competition phase, which has her jockeying with other liberal governors for who can be the most fantastic. Watching New York, California, Illinois, and now New Mexico enact over the top measures to quarantine entire populations when only targeted measures are warranted should serve as an poignant example to all the foolish Antifa out there about what true fascism looks like. Lately, these demigod governors vying to advance presidential aspirations have not only enacted measures that strip citizens of their constitutional rights but have also called for nationalizing entire industries. I am worried about these politically motivated moves for several reasons, foremost is every time this has been done before in history, it has ended badly. Also, history has shown that once demigods size power, they’re reticent to relinquish it. Where will that leave us as a nation once this is over?

Note to Gov: FYI Michelle, I’m still riding my bike every day in open defiance of whatever edicts you’ve issued. You can threaten to fine anyone who disobeys you, but I say, good luck with that.

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