Please Opt Out of Inauguration Day

A Concerned Father’s open letter to his son living in Washington, DC.

Dear Son,

I’m sure you and your progressive friends are still celebrating the fact that the evil orange man, as you call him, has been defeated. I ask you though to take pause and consider, how we got here and at what cost? There is a wise biblical proverb that says, “Those that have sown the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.

For several years Washington politicians have sown the seeds of hatred and division starting with Barry Obama’s racial division and with Mitt Romney suggesting half the country is content to live on welfare, which was followed by Hillary Clinton declaring Americans who love their country are deplorable. While you may have thought these barbs were whimsically amusing, a lot of Americans were deeply offended by the smug indifference of the political class and fanatics on both sides saw it as an opportunity to spew their brand of hatred. Look at how those early seeds have germinated.

The hatred advanced through four years of open hostility from politicians denigrating not only their office and prestige, but the office and prestige of a president, whose only real crime was not being part of the Washington establishment. That hatred and division was further cultivated under BLM and antifa terrorism as innocent people were persecuted, private property destroyed, small businesses looted, and cities besieged by brutality and intimidation, while no one in government had the courage or integrity to step in on behalf of America or the American people.

The hatred flourished under a fertilizer of death as fourteen Americans were murdered by BLM and Antifa terrorists while politicians aggressively encouraged the physical disruption because it advanced their agendas. And all the while, anyone with half a brain understood that sooner or later push back would come on a whirlwind of confrontation.

And now it has, Washington now reaps the whirlwind they so diabolically and despicably sowed, and as we have witnessed in Portland and Seattle since your candidate won, nothing can stop the mob now that it has tasted chaos, nothing except an equal and opposite mob. Neither side can be persuaded by reason anymore because mobs have no brain and always devolve to the lowest base elements of human behavior.

I am asking you to think long and hard about what you’ll do on inauguration day. The FBI reports that BLM and Antifa terrorists are amassing, while this new mob, calling themselves the Patriot Movement, flow into Washington. Both sides will quickly escalate into terrorist conflict should they collide. You need to understand that there’s one thing all terrorists have in common, one mutual appreciation that binds them, whether they be liberal, conservative, or naive idealists; and that is that the innocent are expendable. I fear you could easily be overwhelmed by violence and mob hysteria and as we have witnessed over and over this past year, the police are unable and/or unwilling to involve themselves while state and federal government seem to both enjoy and encourage violence and mayhem.

This so-called Patriot Movement has shaken the political class to its core and for the first time in their lives, politicians are experiencing the personal consequences of their insensately reckless and irresponsible behavior; and that’s probably a good thing for which I muster no sympathy. But scared people act irrationally and with 20,000 soldiers pouring into Washington, the probability inauguration day devolves into another Kent State seems increasingly likely. The FBI bulletin warned congress that if they proceeded with their vindictive effort to impeach Trump, again, armed citizens would push back, but the vengeful illegitimi did it anyway proving my point about the innocent being expendable. I don’t know if the armed citizens the FBI described are members of the Patriot Movement or not, but does that even matter?

What matters is that this nation is about to burst, the crazy crap that’s been going on for the past four years is rapidly reaching a crescendo with all sides elevating an evil villain they can point to and say, “it’s their fault.” In the end, I don’t think who’s to blame even matters, these terrorist movements have spawned a life of their own. Our great nation is so divided, and our once unified citizenry so fractured and filled with hatred and frustration, it’s increasingly clear there’s only one way this all ends. The repressive bubble American’s have been living in has expanded into such a thin membrane that the slightest prick will explode into a violent prism of conflict and chaos.

I implore you to carefully consider where you go, what you do, and how you conduct yourself for the next two weeks. While I hope our nation survives inauguration day, for obvious personal reasons, it will not deflate the bubble; but might at least move the point where it’s pricked to somewhere other than where you live. Be safe and practice good judgement.

All my love, Dad

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