Quarantine Day 9 – It Has To Be Man Made

It was cold and windy on my bike ride yesterday with the only traffic on the road a policeman who passed me on my way out to Bandelier. The eerie way he slowed down while going by on an otherwise abandoned road caused me to consider what I’d do should he turn around and tell me to go home? How hard would I defend my constitutional rights that I have thus far not surrendered? Perhaps he knew it was essential for me to be out on a ride to work off anxiety or perhaps he felt that pulling me over would only end with him unnecessarily coming in contact with a suspect person who could easily be carrying the virus. Either way, I got my ride in.

Today will be better; for riding that is. For everything else, not so much. The governor has pretty much shut the state down even though we have yet to reach 100 confirmed cases. It seems like both an overreach and an overreaction. I get that we want to flatten the curve and keep everyone safe, but we also have to live our lives and the country has to function.

I’m not generally prone to conspiracy theories, but as I study past pandemics with my new found free time and look at this current pandemic, I am left with a feeling this one’s different; in an unnatural way. When the inevitable postmortem is performed years from now, I believe researchers will find that how the virus behaved and who it attacked suggests this strain of the coronavirus is man-made. Then the question becomes, will government have the courage and integrity to tell us? And if so, what will be the consequences for those who need to be held accountable? My guess is no and none.

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