Another Nail in The Coffin Of American Democracy

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I weep for my nation, even while agreeing with Joe Biden that America is about to enter a winter of deep dark despair. The first nail in the coffin of American democracy came four years ago when the CIA, FBI, NSA, outgoing Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and top military commanders – under the carefully choreographed direction of outgoing president Barry Obama – attempted a coup d’état against a dually elected president. Even though their coup mostly failed, this nail was deeply set after they got away with their duplicitous treason avoiding all consequence.

The second nail in the coffin of American democracy came last year when a congress blinded so badly by their misguided sense of self-righteousness, trumped up bogus impeachment charges against a president they did not like, while ignoring videotaped evidence of a former vice president traitorously selling out his country for thirty million pieces of silver. I weep for my nation because we now have a Manchurian Candidate for president beholding to both Russian Oligarchs and the Communist Party of China. I weep for my nation because soon those same self-righteousness politicians who previously ignored Uncle Joe’s corruption will use it to have him removed so their slippery surrogate can assume the mantle of power.

The latest nail in the coffin of American democracy came when its citizens had an election stolen out from under them. I weep for my nation when I listen to liberals who hate Orange Man so much they justify stealing the election to prevent his re-election. What liberals fail to understand is that every victory comes with great loss. A sports team may win a decisive game but lose their star player to injury. A general may achieve a consequential victory, but his lieutenants skip the celebration to write conciliatory letters home to parents of fallen comrades. As Napoleon once said, “At what cost victory?” The liberal left is now faced with the dilemma of how to heal a deeply divided country when they lack a mandate and know the election was stolen. Meanwhile, the consistently weak conservative right is challenged to figure out what’s an appropriate response or if saving the nation is even possible anymore.

I weep for my nation, as anyone does at a profound sense of loss, not because a corrupt compromised candidate won, but for what our country lost in the process. Democracy is a gift we have taken for granted and we now see firsthand how easily it can be snatched away. Democracy is fragile and hard to protect against villainous evil. I weep for my nation because as Thomas Jefferson once observed, and Aristotle cautioned, “the government you elect is the government you deserve.” My addendum to that is, “even when the election is stolen. . .

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