Quarantine Day 12 – Building Toward Our Perfect Crescendo

The big news in the ongoing trend is that both the global infection and death rates are creeping up, which means we are still building toward our perfect crescendo. Nationally, our infection rate is now four times the global rate, an increase of 25% over the past few days.  Fortunately, the national death rate is holding flat and is currently only 1/3rd the global death rate (see earlier post for implications). New Mexico is still strong with only one death and 136 infections. Keep up the good work homies.

I want to comment on the fact that four days after my assessment of virus statistics, which I posted to various sites, the media headlines are now running with my observations and conclusions. While I am flattered that marginal media members have “lifted” my analysis, I’m offended they failed to give me credit. To the media I say, “shame on you.” I also say, “You surprise me not, but feel free to check back often for your next installment of incremental intelligence.

Message to My Governor

Hey Michelle; I realize that you’re doing the best you can, but take a deep breath and try not to hyperventilate. I know your scared and in over your head, but your audition to be Bidnen’s VP isn’t going any worse that the other governors in the competition. You are, unfortunately, behaving just as we predicted ten years ago when I was involved in pandemic modeling where: first came public panic in the form of hoarding, then came political panic is the form of irrational overreach and finger pointing. As I check off my list of gateways to anarchy, I hope you don’ t remain on script. My advice for whatever it’s worth is to trust your career employees, political appointees have always just been candy canes at Christmas and in this crisis they border between worthless and dangerous.

FYI, I’ll be riding my bike today at 3:00 along NM State Road 4 by Bandelier; you know, in case you want to tip off your COVID police.


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