I Weep for The World

I weep for my nation as it stumbles,
losing slivers of its soul in unfamiliar sand
while politicians prize personal power
over protecting people.
I weep for a country cascading in chaos,
you fear the brutality of your enemy
even though who your enemy is
grows more uncertain every day.
I weep for children who sleep alone,
not knowing their parents,
as I weep for parents who will never again
know their children.
I weep for armies sworn to protect,
whose leaders are socially promoted
to obscene levels of incompetence
leaving soldiers isolated and vulnerable.
I weep for a world growing desperately dark,
where the hopefulness of humanity
steamrolls toward a catastrophic cliff.
A world that can end hunger yet won’t.
A world that would stop violence, if it were only expedient.
A world that could alleviate suffering, but has become indifferent.

I weep for my world.