Quarantine Day 36: If Mommy Is A Commie Then You Gotta Turn Her In

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In 1962, satirical soothsayers known as the Chad Mitchell Trio, released a song called, “The John Birch Society,” containing the foreboding lyric, “if your Mommy is a commie, then ya gotta turn her in.” Little did they know the extent to which they were foreshadowing the danker side of future government overreach. The song lampoons the ridiculousness of the radical right, but in today’s political parlance, it’s ironically the loony left who’s filled with conspiracy theories and advocation of authoritarianism. I offer two items of evidence;

  1. The Russian conspiracy charade that the loony left invented then preached to their devotees like religion. If you listen objectively to what the Left’s been spewing, how could you not conclude they’re proselytizing McCarthy era right-wing dogma?
  2. The self-proclaimed leader of the loony left, NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio, has announced that New Yorkers need to turn their smartphones on anyone violating his edicts so they can be summarily rounded up.

In a statement, deBlasio assures New Yorkers that once they rat on their neighbors, “enforcement will come.” How long will it be before deBlasio starts implementing more pro-Stalin practices, like rewarding those who snitch on their neighbors with acquisition of the accused’s apartment?

Dear Bill: I have no doubt you look at flyover country like New Mexico as a Siberian wasteland, and while true we’re a sanctuary state run by a governor vying to win the Biden VP sweepstakes, you cannot disappear your dissidents here. New Mexicans are fiercely proud, independent, and are one of the dwindling groups of Americans possessing a keen pioneer spirit. New Yorkers would be lost in a place like New Mexico, so it’s probably best you banish your dissidents to a much more marginal state like Oregon; they’ve got lots of room and don’t mind malcontents dependent on government for sustenance.

“It is easier than ever,” deBlasio instructed. “When you see a crowd, when you see a line that’s not distanced, when you see a supermarket that’s too crowded – anything – you can report it right away.”

New York City has elevated neediness, panic, and sensationalism to an art form over the past few weeks while intentially overcounting the number of COVID deaths by more than 100%. The national averages for the COVID rates of infection and death are 0.03% and 6.88% respectively. New York City’s rates are 1.50% and 9.92% respectively, which appears to be way outside national norms.

However, when you adjust for the amount of over counting deBlasio admits to, New York City’s death rate drops to 4.27%, which is 61% below the national average. To be clear, what New Yorkers are experiencing is horrible, but so is what other Americans across the country are experiencing. Since the COVID rate of death in New York City is 61% below the national average, Bill, other than whining and constantly crying for the cameras, how is your crisis worse than everyone else’s?

The COVID stimulus bill provides Doctors and hospitals a quick $39k in cold hard cash every time they stamp “COVID” on a death certificate. Anyone who’s been to a hospital or doctor’s office knows how ethically challenged that profession’s become so it’s not hard to follow the money, to realize the U. S. is the only country in the world intentionally overcounting COVID deaths. So here’s my question Bill, what’s your backdoor deal? The one thing that’s certain when it comes to politicians, is that there’s always a backdoor deal. Do we really need to look any further than the COVID stimulus package for evidence?

So Bill, if you’re insisting that New Yorkers rat out their neighbors, which is a very un-American thing to do, what’s in it for you? When I think about the power and autocracy you’ve bestowed upon himself and the unabashed way you’re goading New Yorkers to comply, I have to wonder what’s your endgame?

Mommies of New York be warned, deBlasio’s coming for you, and soon perhaps your apartment. Citizens of New Mexico be worried, as the Biden VP sweepstakes heats up, Governor Grisham will soon be enacting similar measures to demonstrate she’s “VP-worthy.”


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