Quarantine Day 27: Open Letter to the Media

My concern over how federal and university models have been so inaccurate in their projections while experts continue to rely on them grows unabated. At the same time, my trepidation over the validity of state and federal overreach as a result of reliance on inaccurate models increases. My worry that media seem lost as to how to put this crisis in proper context is not being alleviated in any regard.

So what is a conscientious American to do? Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done, other than try to become someone who relentlessly attempts to point out where those we trust are going astray. To that end, I have drafted an open letter to the media outlining how the data being presented by experts is wrong.

For now I cannot post my letter, because if I do, the media won’t use it. However, after they summarily reject my overture, I will return to post it.