COVID Day 61: Crisis of Confidence

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It seems suspiciously odd that based on CDC data we’d see a steep but consistently steady decline in the exponential decay rate in COVID deaths since the apex on April 16th (red curve), only to see it invert into a growth rate for the last three days. That generally does not happen in nature once decay begins. Is it just a coincidence that this sudden rise after a precipitous decline happens to coincide with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Senate testimony?

I have pointed out in earlier posts that CDC data is highly suspect, providing evidence not only related to this COVID crisis, but to previous CDC events as well. The CDC has a storied track record of sensationalizing and exploiting data to align with whatever messaging they seek to promote. Given their reticence to truthful reporting, perhaps it’s best to think of them as the mainstream media of medical reporting.

In case you’re inclined to believe things couldn’t bet more bizarre, welcome to colorful Colorado, home of the Rocky Mountains and Rocky Mountain Highs. In Colorado, a alcohol poisoning is not considered caused by COVID. The Montezuma County Coroner¬†determined that a man who recently died had a blood-alcohol content 0.55 (seven times over the legal limit of 0.08). In filling out the death certificate, the Coroner concluded the deceased did not die from the coronavirus. Sadly, this is not Colorado’s first case of COVID corruption, in April Colorado health officials declared three nursing home fatalities as COVID deaths, even though attending physicians ruled they were not related to the coronavirus.

Dr. Deborah Brix of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, recently stated that ‚ÄúThere is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.”

According to a recent Axios and Ipsos poll, 67% of Americans do not believe the COVID death count with 44% believing its underreported and 23% believing its overreported. Dr. Brix asserts that the CDC is overreporting COVID deaths by 25%. We know both New York and Pennsylvania overreported COVID deaths by 100%. Is it just coincidence that all three of these state have Democratic governors? Other states that have been accused of fudging their data include California, Minnesota, and Washington. These three states also have Democratic governors.

And in case you still think the COVID crisis has not become political, according to that Axios/Ipsos poll, 63% of Democrats said the death toll was being underreported while 40% of Republicans believe the death toll is overreported. Surprising (to me at least), more Republicans trust the U.S. death toll reports than Democrats; 36% of Republicans trust the CDC numbers compared to 31% of Independents and 29% of Democrats. I thought the GOP was home to the conspiracy crowd?

With alcohol poisonings now being added to the list of COVID caused deaths; along with being hit by a bus, having a heart attack, and getting in a car accident, we’re on track to reach a point that all deaths in U. S. are COVID caused.


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