COVID Day 58: Opium of the People

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Economist Karl Marx, who after authoring the Communist Manifesto became known as the father of modern communism, wrote perhaps his most famous quote in 1843, when he said,

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”.

Marx believed religion was harmful because it distracted people from compliance. Enter now the Illinois Democratic governor, J. B. Pritzker, who said last week that, “Due to Covid-19, churches may have to remain closed for a year.” While outlawing religion, Governor Pritzker allows big box stores such as Walmart and Lowes to service thousands of customers each day with no concern for infection, so he clearly has no issues with large crowds in confined spaces. He allows pot stores to mollify hundreds who share paraphernalia, so spreading COVID is not his concern. When a recent underground party was raided in Chicago that had over 500 guests no one was arrested so he’s also not overly concerned about the rule of law.

And yet, a church with less than 100 members has been banned. One has to wonder what Governor Pritzker’s motives are, beside clearly preferring his influences to come Marxist Communist rather than compliant constituents. The two Russian revolutions of 1917 saw the Bolsheviks seize power and outlaw religion just as Pritzker has done. The Communist Chinese continue this practice by interning over one million Muslims in concentration camps. Is this the impending fate of religious people in Illinois?

Meanwhile Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Wolf, fell into similar lockstep when he warned local officials about what would happen if they defied him, “non-compliant counties will be blocked from getting discretionary federal stimulus funds and moving against my orders could lead to businesses getting sued or losing their liquor licenses.”

If you read that statement in reference to Russia or China would you struggle to believe it’s anything other than routine? Would you believe it applied to our new America?

And let’s not forget New Mexico Democratic Governor Grisham, who perverted her state’s Riot Control Act to send armed guards into the Navajo Indian reservation city of Gallup, to insure residents stay put on their reservation so as not to infect the greater population. Would you believe armed interment of U. S. citizens was ever going to again be a policy in our Nation?

Yesterday I wrote that something nefarious was afoot in states continuing their lockdowns when the COVID crisis has clearly abated but I wasn’t sure what it was. While I’m still not sure, these three governors seem to be tipping their hands. . . and it seems power really is the opiate of the despot.

Note: Rush Limbaugh again took his talking points from my May 9th, Saint Petersburg Paradox post. Thanks Rush. Also, Senator Rand Paul also seemed to be referencing my posts. Good to have an impact.


  1. This brings the Communist creed into focus with the progressive Democrats as fellow travelers.

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