COVID Day 49: Prom, Police, and Three Fire Trucks

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It was a busy Saturday night that culminated with a police officer knocking on my door at 6:00 AM Sunday morning. I knew whatever this was going to be about, it involved Nicholas just as certainly as I could hear my Dad’s voice in my head saying, “chip off the old block, eh.”

This story probably began 10 days ago when I wrote my governor announcing I was done with quarantine. Since then, I have slowly ratcheted back the self isolation that myself and my family was under. For example, I let Sasha invite her boyfriend over to spend the day on her 18th birthday and I let Nicholas play a few rounds of golf with his buddies. I myself ventured into Santa Fe a couple of times to get stuff I needed for my COVID kitchen project.

Last night was a big event for both the kids, Nicholas was starting summer football training with his coach and quarterback. I have no idea how many other kids were involved, and really thought it best I didn’t ask. Last night was supposed to be when Sasha’s senior prom was to be held and to mark the occasion, her boyfriend’s parents decide to have prom for them. So while Sasha was getting dressed up for prom, Nick was getting ready for workouts and I decided that once they left, I ride my bike up the high road to Taos just to unwind on the windy mountain roads.

That was phase one, and as the old adage goes, that was as good as the night was going to get. A few hours later, I’m back from ride and Nick is back from practice, only he has three friends with him and they announce that they’re going to play some moonlight basketball and then have a bonfire, both of which are usual preCOVID Saturday night activities. Only last night, he broke a garage window playing basketball and didn’t completely extinguish his bonfire. I know this because I had a knock on the door at 6:00 AM from a police officer telling me the fire department was in the front yard putting out a fire (fyi: I have a three acre yard).

When I got to bonfire area, I was greeted by 12 firemen who arrived in three trucks. Embarrassed, I apologized for Nicholas’ carelessness and for making them come all the way out so early. Everyone was in good spirits, I think because they enjoyed having something to do. They said the fire was pretty doused, but that it was smoldering a little. They instructed me to tell Nicholas that next time he has a bon fire, to have a hose nearby and make sure the fire is fully doused. They then apologized for dragging hoses over my fence and left.

And that was my COVID morning.


  1. Has social distancing in NM has let to smoke signals? The Governor apparently got it loud and clear and sent in the police and fire to put a stop to it. Showing too much solidarity with our Indian brethren.

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