Detox Tonics That Help With Weight Loss

At least once a year, if not more, everyone should go through a detox to let their body shed the toxins that have built up over time for eating unhealthy food and living/working in unhealthy environments. I try to detox twice a year, once during Lent when I give up drinking alcohol and eating snacks and once on the fall as I start to slow down my hard living summer. The rest of the year I detox with a good red wine and well aged Bourbon that I make myself (only don’t tell the feds). Below are some nice homemade elixirs you can make to detox your body and to lose weight if that is your goal.

  1. Grapefruit with Mint – The grapefruit helps to flush your system and to loose fat, while fresh mint helps to suppress your appetite. In a blender combine peeled grapefruit with seeds removed, and half a cup of mint leaves. Add water and blend. Put in fridge to cool.
  2. Blueberry Lemonade – In a jar of water, add one lemon – sliced and one pint of blueberries – smashed. The lemon oils stimulate the liver to flush toxins. The blueberries provide antioxidants for health and well being. You can optionally add mint to suppress appetite.
  3. Raspberry Lemonade – Same as blueberry just with a more snappy taste.
  4. Blackberry Mint – This a good detox for soothing indigestion and inflammation.
  5. Frozen Mixed Berries and Lemon – Get all the health benefits of berries in one tonic. Slice one lemon and add to a 2 quart jar along with a bag of frozen berries. Add water and set aside.
  6. Raspberry Blueberry Mint – Berries not only burn fat, they help keep fat from forming (or fat cells from expanding). Put berries and mint in a blender with water and puree. Put in 2 quart jar and top with water.
  7. Apple Lemon Mint – Slice one apple, skin on and one lemon peel on. Heat two cups of water and soak mint leaves, then add to jar with apples and lemon and fill with 1-2 quarts of water depending on your taste. Keep cold or it will start to ferment.
  8. Orange Lemon Lime – It is believed this combination has an anticancer effect, can soothe heartburn and clears up irregularity. Slice the fruit with peels on and soak in water. For maxim effect, muddle the slices.
  9. Mint Melon – Melons are thought to be the best for weight loss and they help with muscle soreness. Do not use the melon rinds, but slice up a melon and soak the pieces in water along with fresh mint.
  10. Kiwi Watermelon – Watermelon is one of the healthiest foods, it lowers fat accumulation and relieves sore muscles.
  11. Cucumber Lime Kiwi – Leave the skins on all three for the best vitamin boast. Kiwi reduces constipation and improves your body’s immunity.
  12. Cucumber Kiwi Mint – same a above for same reasons, just a different taste with an appetite suppressant.
  13. Pomegranate Strawberry Mint – Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, especially the seeds, so soak the entire fruit in water.

Note1: A good and inexpensive source for berries, especially out of season, is frozen berries. While people tend to think fresh is always better than frozen, that’s not always the case. The so-called fresh produce you buy in the store was harvested early and allowed to ripen in cargo containers months before hitting your grocery isle, while frozen produce was harvested at peak ripeness and flash frozen soon afterwards. Frozen can contain more of the healthy elements than “store bought fresh”.

Note2: Using carbonated water helps to breakdown the fruits, extracting more of the healthy stuff. I carbonate my own water using empty 2 liter bottles and an attachment you can by at a beer/wine supply store or on line. You need to get a carbon take set up with a regulator, but usually you can find them for sale on Craigslist. Otherwise, generic carbonated water is pretty cheap at the grocery store.