Legend of How Canadian Truckers Killed COVID

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, and girls, gather around as I tell you a tale as tall as Paul Bunyan in the North woods, as bold as Underdog battling the evil Simon bar Sinister, as twisted as Dudley Do-Right targeting the wrong Snidely Whiplash. This drama is about bravery and courage, and how a small band of patriots save the world from being taken over by a diabolical group of despots determined to establish one global kingdom where citizens are forbidden from owning anything. Our story begins at that same critical crossroad every such tale throughout history reaches, a juncture whose ultimate direction depends on you, the audience, and your consent to be governed.

Backdrop: What’s revealed as our tale unfolds is that the reaction of government leaders to this renegade uprising utilizes the same predictable playbook deployed by history’s most notorious despots. By way of example, consider the playbooks utilized by Vladimir Lenin, who believed the masses were too stupid to have a voice in government, Pol Pot who himself was too stupid to get into high school, Mao Tse-tung whose “Great Leap Forward” devastated a nation, Joseph Stalin, who ruled by terror, Adolf Hitler, who brutalized Europe, and Hirohito who raped entire countries. Combined, these despots murdered over 200 million people in a span of sixty years and victimized hundreds of millions more through tyranny and oppression.

Character Introduction: With the stage set and the stakes duly noted, let’s introduce our three main characters; first, there’s the heroic patriots playing the part of the protagonist. Next, there’s the ruling elites shamelessly stepping into the role of antagonists. And of course, no melodrama is complete without you, the audience, playing the part of the “governed.” Be warned however, before we’re done, you’ll be called upon to pick a side. Your special role has many aliases, Karl Marx refereed to you as “the masses,” others, keeping with that same tone, called you “the great unwashed,” or even “deplorables.”

Act 1, Scene one: It’s a winter day in northern North America in a place that purportedly practices a tribal form of democracy, where you’re only free so long as you agree with the ruling elites. It’s a place that coincides with countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Argentina, etc. According to the doctrine of the Consent of the Governed, governments such as these exist to secure the freedom and rights of their citizens. In return, the masses benevolently consent to be governed by said government. Conversely, oppressive socialist and communist regimes are governed by what is called democratic centralism, where the edicts of the ruling elite cannot be questioned. A core principle of democratic centralism is class antagonism.

Our story winds its way from the present day back to the moment American President Barack Obama famously announced he would “fundamentally transform our nation.” Since then, as most historians agree, the once seemingly placid American existence is dramatically transformed by ruling elites exploiting class [and race] antagonism to an extreme, giving rise to the riotous violence of Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and BLM. In other words, dear friends, by executing the Marxist playbook, President Obama achieved his stated goal of fundamentally transforming America.

Enter Main Conflict: The genesis of the diminished democracy our story takes place in, however, goes further back to 1990, when then President George Bush I, declared he was ushering in “a new world order.” That’s when the term “globalist agenda,” entered our lexicon, a term that could very well portend the demise of free nations.

Enter the Antagonists: The globalist agenda was propped up by the “World Economic Forum,” (WEF), or as they are commonly referred to by Woke warriors, “Worthless Elite F*#!kers.” WEF members include political leaders, such as Canada’s Justin Trudeau, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and many US politicians, along with billionaires, such as Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO), and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO). The stated goal of the WEF is to establish one global government and to ensure that by 2030, the citizens of the world own nothing. We pause our story to allow time for that diabolical scheme to take form in your imagination. According to their own manifesto, in eight years when the despotic members of the WEF realize their dystopian ambitions, you’ll own nothing. I suppose that means the wealth of the world will be concentrated in their dastardly hands, which it pretty much already is, causing many to finally understand the utility of cryptocurrency.

Enter Plot Twist: The Masses doubt it’s possible to achieve one global government dominance, but I caution you to consider the interview that WEF leader, Klaus Schwab gave, where he bragged about how they have infiltrated the cabinets of Trudeau from Canada, Macron from France, and own the president of Argentina, Merkel of Germany, and Putin of Russia. Let’s again pause, so you can consider that in the context of what’s really going on in Ukraine, and why French President Macron went to Moscow this week to meet with Putin. What nefarious global strategy do you suppose these two members of the WEF ironed out?

American leaders are equally complicit, as last week President Biden’s administration forcefully declared that anyone who disagrees with their policies is a communist? Does that sound like something the administration of a democracy existing to secure the freedom and rights of their citizens would espouse? We cannot just write this off as dementia Joe having another senior moment, not when this stated policy so closely aligns with the democratic centralism playbook.

Enter the Protagonists: At this point in our story, the WEF and the leaders they control, find themselves in a full-on state of panic. For two years we watched as their perfectly conceived COVID plans triggered events culminating in achieving their grand vision of one global government – where you own nothing. Consider how flawlessly executed their coordinated COVID response was, and how everything was going along as predicted, until a handful of courageous Canadian truckers stood up and shouted “enough!”

Act 2, Scene one: At first the truckers are dismissed, then ignored, then ridiculed by compliant Canadian media and their menacing maidens in America. Somehow though, the message of freedom and hope resonates with the masses causing the Canadian government to label the truckers as racists. But Canadian citizens, unlike their southern neighbors, are far too smart to fall for such governmental disinformation. In desperation, the Canadian government declares the trucker’s peaceful protest to be violent even though, unlike BLM and Antifa riots in America, there are no burning buildings, no looting, and no one being murdered. None-the-less, police are ordered to shut things down – by any means necessary.

Act 2, Scene two: As the movement grows, the police are powerless to quell the expanding unification of the masses demanding freedom from tyrannical oppression. The WEF know the truckers must be stopped or it will ruin all they have so deviously schemed to achieve. Their solution is to outlaw diesel, hoping to freeze the truckers out, but brave sympathizers find ways to smuggle in fuel and the patriotic standoff with the Canadian government seems heroically unstoppable.

Enter New Plot Twist: The trucker’s simple demand for freedom inspires others, and just when it seems success for the WEF and their puppet rulers is in reach, it all starts slipping away. The Canadian government is powerless to stop the truckers who continue garnering support, and then more support, until Trudeau is recalled for WEF instruction, Macron dispatched to Moscow, and the coordinated distraction in Ukraine escalated. But the freedom movement refuses to subside. American truckers prepare their own convoy as rumors are whispered in truck stops and rest areas that European truckers are rallying to the cause of freedom.

Antagonists React: Panic within the WEF intensifies as the once cohesive purveyors of global hegemony splinter. Subservient despots in places like California, New Jersey, New York, and other draconian lock-down states in America scramble and squirm to crawl out from under their own COVID induced hysteria, leaving complicit media lost and confused. Overnight, if we are to believe the splintered despots, the virus that was going to kill us all, has miraculously been eradicated.

The very same virus marketed as the deadliest in the history of humanity – one that was coming for every man, woman, and child unless they take the nonvaccine vaccine jab – is suddenly vanquished so fast even the fallacious doctor Fauci can’t soft peddle his predictable diatribes. Is it possible that a handful of Canadian truckers standing up against tyranny have inadvertently killed COVID? Is this the malicious crime to which they stand accused? Could this be an unintended consequence of standing up for freedom?

Act 3, Scene one: The Crescendo: The former despotic dictator of Russia, Joseph Stalin, succinctly captured the moment when he said, “quantity has a quality all its own.” As the trucker protest spreads, the WEF feels the masses withdrawing their consent to be governed, the dreaded indicator their despotic ruse is all but lost. So now dear audience, it’s time for you to weigh in. Does this seismic snowball called freedom continue to rock and roll down Despot Mountain, or does it melt away in the dystopian hell the WEF seeks to create? You must decide how our melodrama ends. I will caution you though, throughout history when the masses withdraw their consent to be governed, governments become fearful and lash out, and that’s the precarious situation our drama now finds itself in. One wrong move could cause military intervention along the Canadian border or cause the Ukrainian distraction to escalate toward an inevitable outcome. . . one you perhaps still have time to avert.

Epilogue: All totalitarian regimes share one thing in common, they fear the wrath of the masses they mistreat. When a handful of Berkeley college students stood up in the late 1960s and shouted “No!” to the Vietnam war, their protest spread like flash flood water in a deep arroyo bursting onto the plains of democracy. First a movement formed, followed by fundamentally transforming world culture and foreign policies. The same thing is happening in our story with a small band of courageous truckers starting a movement that’s spreading across the globe challenging perhaps the most despicably despotic attempt at world domination humanity has ever known. So, before you leave this theater of the mind, I ask you to consider doing something the next time you see a trucker, buy them a cup of java and thank them for their patriotic courage, and for helping you possibly make it to 2030 with perhaps a little bit of freedom and a few things you still own.

Author’s note: Since this story is factually correct and thoroughly referenced, count on liberal fact checkers to label it, “mostly false.”