COVID Day 76: The Malicious Malfeasance of MDs

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As a researcher trained in the scientific method, I grow increasing alarmed and applauded by the malicious way the medical profession corrupts COVID data to the point where scientist cannot utilize it in any meaningful way. This practice has to stop.

Let me begin by relaying a conversation I recently had with a Navy veteran who told me about what happened when he asked his VA doctor how many people have really died from COVID? The MD explained with condescending arrogance that the virus kills in many ways that have to all be counted. For example, the MD stated, if a Marine commits suicide, the death certificate might say he died from a gunshot wound, but the cause of death will be listed as COVID.

When asked why, the MD smugly answered that it’s the virus that drove the Marine to take his life. The bewildered veteran countered that there’s no way to know that, while adding it’s disrespectful to say otherwise. The MD retorted that COVID probably caused the Marine to not get proper intervention. If someone falls off a ladder and dies at home, the MD went on to espouse, the cause of death is COVID because the virus is the reason the person was home. If someone dies from stage-4 cancer the cause of death is COVID because had it not been for COVID sucking up medical resources, that patient may have survived.

The medical profession has clearly crossed from the obscene to the absurd as we add these attributes to an already long list of nonCOVID deaths caused by COVID; a list that includes alcohol poisoning and being hit by a bus. Initially I thought this medical malfeasance was driven by greed because MDs collect $39k each time they attribute the cause of death to COVID. I later decided the narcissistic need to feel important was a contributing factor, after all, the more COVID deaths there are the more important MDs become. Lately, I’ve realized that MDs, who are not properly trained in the scientific method, are so utterly ignorant of how important the data they’re intentionally corrupting is to understanding the nature of the virus and influencing public policy, they can’t fathom the harm they’re causing.

The malfeasance of the medical profession is so profound that the scientific community will never be able to unravel the true impact of COVID. Scientist will never be able to determine the rate in which the virus spreads, how the virus attacks the body, or who the virus kills.

To exemplify this malevolence, imagine a scientist setting out to determine the fuel efficiency of a car by collecting data during a 1,000 mile cross-country trip. Along the way he keeps careful records of fuel consumed while noting variables like speed and wind conditions so later he can assess their impact. To keep himself company, the scientist invites an MD to join him, but for reasons that defy rationality or logic, every time they stop the MD drains gas from the tank. At the end of the trip, the scientist sits down to analyze his data and finds the following note from the MD,

“Thanks for inviting to participate in this experiment. I wanted to contribute so randomly drained fuel from the tank each time we stopped. Good luck with your analysis, excited to see our results.”

Of course the experiment is invalidated and the data collected has no value whatsoever. It’s impossible to make any credible conclusions, track any trends, or understand the impact of various variables. The data is utterly useless. This is exactly what the medical profession has done with COVID data, they have so corrupted the data that it’s meaningless for anything other than sensationalized news and strengthening the perception that our very survival depends on the unique wisdom of the medical profession.

Medical Professionals Assert the Coronavirus Saves Lives

To demonstrate how absurd the medical profession has become, I’ll apply their logic for counting COVID deaths to conclusively conclude that the coronavirus saves lives.

You’ve probably heard of the theory of six degrees of separation, which asserts everyone in the world is separated from everyone else in the world by no more than six social connections. A famous example of this is that everyone knows someone, who knows someone, yada yada, who knows the actor Kevin Bacon.

This is the logic the medical profession adopts when asserting, nonCOVID deaths are COVID caused. If a guy falls off a ladder and dies, it can be shown that he borrowed the ladder from a friend, who bought it at a store where the clerk has an uncle, who knows a guy three states over, who’s sister-in-law delivered pizza to a woman with COVID, which means, the guy on the ladder died of COVID. While this is an example of “reductio ad absurdum,” it’s nonetheless the logic being applied by medical professionals and is how we get to that growing list previously cited of nonCOVID deaths caused by COVID.

Given the medical profession’s logic that all deaths are COVID caused, lets see where their diagnosis leads. Using IndexMundi, a highly respected actuarial firm that estimates how many people will die each year from something, we discover that 4,400 fewer Americans have died thus far in 2020 than expected (see chart above). That means that the coronavirus actually saves lives; 4,400 so far and counting.

Raise your hand if you’re not an MD and believe the coronavirus saves lives? Anyone? I’m pretty sure even MD’s don’t believe the coronavirus saves lives, yet they have intentionally corrupted health care data to the point that this is only conclusion that can logically be made. In a time of extreme national crisis, when clean data is desperately needed to help set public policy and guide mitigation measures, the medical profession has chosen to be maliciously malfeasant.

My recommendation to the medical profession is to stay in your swim lane and stick to the things your trained in, like writing prescriptions, and leave science to those of us who are trained in the sciences. And please do your job and stop corrupting data, not only does it impede our ability to fight the virus, it’s disrespectful to the people who legitimately died from other causes; and it draws necessary focus away from those other causes.

Note: Submitted to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on 5/30/2020.