Where Are You

Days of anguished separation subsume my nights of
relentless worry….where are you?
It’s not fair that you charmed me with
tender care and powerful passion,
touching my soul in ways that long ago seemed
lost to the possibility, causing me to
love you, only to now be abandoned for
reasons I don’t fully understand……

At a time when I most need a friend,
when I dearly need you, I hear only sounds of
your silence. When all that’s being taken
darkens my ability to see all that remains, 
there’s such a loneliness that empties
to echoes in the corridors of my heart you opened, places 
that previous to you, were securely sealed,
…..where are you?

Chopin can’t calm me the way he once could,
neither can the setting sun over my 
majestic mountains. I expect to suffer,
it’s my destiny I suppose, but it’s not 
a sign of weakness to seek comfort from
those I care about….who are supposed to 
care about me. I wander aimlessly through
the narrowing canyons of my mind wondering if
this sadness ever ends……where are you?