Techniques to Boast your Metabolism

Surest way to loose weight and regain your lost energy, is to boast your metabolism. One quick but ineffective way is to consume massive amounts of energy drinks, but that’s an empty promise on par with “I’ll call you in the morning….” If you want to make a healthy commitment to improving your body and life, try these metabolism boasting techniques.

  1. Cut out sugar – do we need say more. This means if it comes in a pop top can or plastic wrap, it’s taboo. Also, pretty much anything from a convenience store too. Eat more sugar free yogurt. Also, don’t make chemical substitutes is messes with your body chemistry in unfortunate ways.
  2. Eat Healthy carbs – eliminating carbs is bad in the long run, and this from a guy who lost 25 lbs on keto. That being said, there’s a fine line between enough carbs and too much carbs. Count your carbs and keep your daily intake below what’s recommended and eat healthy carbs, like form dairy, protein, eggs, etc…no more beer buba.
  3. Refined Carbs are Bad – White bread is evil, not only is there sugar, but the flour used in white bread is the worst for your health. I bake my own bread and find it to be one of the most relaxing zen things I do for myself.
  4. Eat enough protein – Vegetarians are starving their bodies of food they biologically need. But what the hell, if biological males can identify as females, carnivores can identify as herbivores; at least consume enough whey to meet your protein needs.
  5. Eat Nuts – Nuts are like stem cells that are packed with life-giving nutrients. They also are a good source of fiber. Try to eat low salt nuts and eat a variety. Walnuts are best for boasting your metabolism. FYI – peanuts are not nuts and they are an inflammatory food so not good for health. Cashews are also not nuts.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep – the more you sleep the more your awake body is eager to conquer the world.
  7. Stay hydrated – your body is like a boiler furnace and the more water you feed the system the more efficient your body operates.
  8. Starvation diets lead to weight gain – and it causes chaos with your metabolism, so, don’t do it.
  9. Exercise first thing in the morning – High intensity interval training is best – ride a bike.
  10. You need Vitamin D and Calcium – To up you metabolism, consume more dairy and get your ass outside.
  11. Lower your stress – Your instinctive fight or flight mechanism retains fat and preserves energy when your stressed; in case your body needs it later. Reducing stress triggers your body to not hold on to stuff you don’t need, like body fat and stored energy.
  12. Keep your house cool – a cool house in winter not only saves you money, it causes your metabolism to work extra hard
  13. Only drink caffeine in the morning – jump start your day and then coast to bed (see step 2).
  14. Eat Fruit – Your thyroid regulates your metabolism and body fat, fruits promote a healthy thyroid – apples are the best fruit for thyroid management.
  15. Drink Green tea – This simple beverage trims stomach fat.
  16. Eliminate food hormones – processed food and commercial raised protein and farm goods all contain hormones and you are what you eat. Consider this, farmers take a two pound pig and feed it a diet of hormone enhanced food and 90 days later this 300 lb pig is off to market – guess what his meat is full of…and don’t even get me started on cow pumping out gallons of milk each day.
  17. Eat organic – Pesticides lower your metabolism. Be honest, you knew the O-word was going to pop up sooner or later on this list. Organic eating is a wise life choice, it cost more but you can’t take it with you anyway and the goal in life is die happy but broke.
  18. Eliminate processed food – if it comes in a bag or box, or you got it at a drive through, or vending machine, it’s processed. Try cooking from scratch, it takes longer and requires more work, but you need to get your fat ass of the sofa any ways so think of cooking as a form of exercise that results in healthy and delicious food. While where on the subject, get that TV the hell out of your kitchen, watching CNN or FOX only adds to your stress (see step 7). Get a nice music system instead.
  19. Tap water not as good as some bottled water – tap water has fluoride and chlorine which are not good for your metabolism and beside, you likely live in the next Flint Michigan.