Here is a collection of short stories and essays, some of which are stand alone, while others are pieces pulled from longer works.


A nonfiction narrative of how capabilities and resources at the Los Alamos National Laboratory are used to keep America, and it’s citizens, safe from a constant barrage of menacing threats and vulnerabilities.

Outline – Thesis statements for each chapter in the book

From The Novel: WHAT IS TO BE DONE

Book one of the, WHAT IS TO BE DONE, trilogy

Concluding the country is in desperate need of intervention, a group of gifted scientists assume nothing can be done. In the aftermath of chaos following the release of a human engineered virus though, they realize something must be done – that is until fate intercedes in the form of Sympatico escaping Miguel, a human trafficking sociopath.

From The Novel: TROPHIC CASCADE – The Rise and Fall of Quiet Acquiescence

Book two in the, WHAT IS TO BE DONE, trilogy

What if there’s more to love than, you can’t bear the thought of being without them, want nothing more than to see them happy, and never want to leave their side? What if this thing called love is not romantic, is not a form of friendship, and is not the love one feels for family? Is it even love, and if not, what is it? This is the question Jake and Sympatico must sort out, while the American’s for a New America (ANA), set out to bring down a powerful human trafficking ring and allude capture by Alvarez, the Watcher sent to hunt them down.


Book three in the, WHAT IS TO BE DONE. trilogy

The country’s crumbling, with freedom and submission staked out on opposite sides of the same tarnished coin. Political pettiness couples with corruption to complement the feckless incompetence of leaders who lack the integrity to resign after inconceivable failures. Meanwhile, the single thread laid bare for anyone curious enough to notice, is that the oligarchs in charge stealthily proceed as planned. So it falls on a ragtag crew to become the rainmakers of revolution, the last bastion for a faltering nation.


A ne’er-do-well from Chicago is thrust into a self-sustaining life when he inherits his uncle’s ranch in the Northern New Mexico wilderness, a ranch whose history is a microcosm for everything noble and evil about humanity.


While complying with COVID caused changes, a saleswoman with underlying conditions meets a furloughed Chef refusing to acquiesce to the new normal.

  • Coffee Kiosk – Random encounter at the home improvement center
  • Rendezvous – Marcos prepares a parking lot picnic

Short Stories

  • Kyle from Kabyle – The journey is the destination