Here a collection of short stories and essays that I’ve posted. Some are stand alone stories, while other are longer pieces pulled from one of my novels,


From The Novel: Now It Must Be Done

After months of isolation following Emelia’s sudden death Jake’s reengaged his poker pals, and their plot to make amends for developing surveillance technology to protect the nation that was misused and abused by the Watchers. Things are proceeding to plan when Sympatico storms into their lives escaping human traffickers. At a time when chivalry is at best a cliché casualty, Jake rescues Sympatico launching a tale of unexpected friendship. Set in contemporary Northern New Mexico, NOW IT MUST BE DONE, is a multi-cultural story about the heroism of ordinary people finding their way in an increasingly complex world. The title is drawn from a 1902 Vladimir Lenin pamphlet calling for foundational change, something Jake and Sympatico certainly need.

From The Novel: Navigating Entropy

A ne’er-do-well from Chicago is thrust into a self-sustaining life when he inherits his uncle’s ranch in the Northern New Mexico wilderness.

From The Novel: Underlying Conditions

While complying with COVID caused changes, a saleswoman with underlying conditions meets a furloughed Chef refusing to acquiesce to new normals.

  • Coffee Kiosk – Random encounter at the home improvement center
  • Rendezvous – Marcos prepares a special coffee service for Tara