What If, the Cure is the Cause

One of the perks of working at a place like the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is you’re surrounded by highly educated, intellectually curious people; real scientists who question everything to get at the truth in a pure unbiased way. People unafraid to raise their hand to contradict whatever “consensus opinion” is currently prevailing, even at the risk of running head on into reductio ad absurdum. And you don’t just find these folks at work, they’re everywhere in my remote mountain town.

For example, yesterday at the hardware store I had an amazing impromptu conversation with a woman whose PhD is in epidemiology, and she postulated a provocative hypothesis. “What if,” she asked while filling a bag of popcorn from the store’s community machine, which she handed to me, “the people getting severely ill from COVID, and even dying, are being forced fed prescriptions from medical doctors in bed with big Pharma? What if,” she continued, filling a bag for herself so she could justify removing her mask, “the ‘underlying conditions,’ we keep hearing about is an addiction to medications treating everything from diabetes to high blood pressure? What if it’s not a person’s illness, but rather the medication the person is taking for their illness, that’s the underlying condition; a plethora of medications that destroy their body’s ability to combat COVID? What if, the cure is the cause?”

“Wow!” I thought, right? Let’s pause for a moment to consider the implications her hypothesis, which are staggeringly stunning. If true, the political fallout would shatter governments around the globe as their generational lies are exposed, the economic calamity resulting from people retaking control of their bodies and choosing alternatives to prescriptions would create enormous upheaval. Our respect and trust in medical professionals would severely erode, as much as can be further eroded that is. Do you suppose anyone in government, or the medical community would every release data suggesting such a thing? Let me answer that question by posing another, “how much money do you think big Pharma and medical professionals are making off COVID?” If you answered billions, you’re technically correct, even if only scratching the surface of their profiteering. When you factor in the cost of personal protective equipment (PPE), medical treatments, doctor visits, the infrastructure created around COVID care and response, and of course, the cost of prescriptions and the profit in administering non-vaccine vaccines, it will stretch into the trillions before this is allowed to be over.

To help medical doctors who naively think they’re scientists, and politicians who believe the opinions of medical professionals represent scientific evidence, the way questions get answered in science is you first form a hypothesis, regardless of how absurd it may seem, based on some observation or possible outcome. Then, you perform a series of experiments and make observations that objectively prove or disprove the hypothesis. Finally, you remove opinion from your unbiased assessment of those experiments and observations to reach a conclusion.

The hypothesis we have before us is this, “people with severe COVID complications, including death, take prescription medications to treat other ailments.” Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter, not in science, what matters is the evidence our hypothesis tests reveal. One valid form of hypothesis testing is making observations, so, here we go. . .

Observation 1: A large percentage of Americans routinely take prescription medication to treat some ailment, many of which could be treated in alternative ways.

Observation 2: Prescription drugs impact a person’s body in wild ways. As evidence of this, I invite you to look at the warnings that come with your prescription medications. Consider the commonly prescribed drug lipitor, used to treat high cholesterol and prevent strokes. Here are just a few of the side effects, which is a crafty marketing way of saying things this drug does to screw up your body: 1) Fast heartbeat, 2) unusual tiredness or weakness, 3) blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin, 4) diarrhea, 5) painful or difficult urination, 6) lack or loss of strength, 7) groin or scrotum pain, 8) mental depression, 9) nervousness, 10) unable to move or feel face, and, 11) unusual bleeding or bruising. I’ll let you decide if any of these side effects seem like something that might give COVID a toehold in your body’s compromised immune system?

Observation 3: What if we trust the CDC to have gotten something right during this pandemic and agree that teenagers and young adults rarely experience COVID complications? The CDC was initially reluctant to admit this, not with millions of young adults (insert vaccine recipients here), out there representing a vast customer pool. However, the evidence was too overwhelming for even the CDC to ignore. A review of medical evidence shows this demographic is robustly healthy and have yet to become doctor prescribed addicts to big Pharma.

These observations, in-and-of-themselves, are not enough to conclude COVID complications are caused by the drugs people take to treat other ailments, but at the same time, the evidence does not disprove the hypothesis either, so we press on.

What if we next study the incredibly small demographic of Americans sixty years old and older who do not take any prescription drugs. We’ll assume for now that there are enough Americas in this demographic to be statistically significant. Let’s now filter this population into sub-populations based on obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Next, we assess the rate in which this population contracts COVID and measure their morbidity and mortality rates, in other words, their rate of COVID complications. Then, we compare these rates with similar populations of people sixty years old and older who routinely take prescription medications and correlate in terms of morbidity and mortality. If the results indicate the group not addicted to prescription medication have lower rates of COVID complications and death, you have another piece of information supporting the hypothesis. It’s possible, depending on how the data is collected, you have enough evidence to reach a scientific conclusion.

It’s an interesting hypothesis to consider, even if there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that any government or any pharmaceutical company in the world would permit such a study to see the light of day. Also, any scientist attempting to conduct such a study would be cancelled as quickly as Nobel Prize winning scientist Jonas Salk, inventor of the Polio vaccine was. Dr. Salk was cancelled for having the audacity to make his polio vaccine free, and for studying the correlation between intelligence and ethnicity. But let’s suppose for moment, just a moment so we avoid getting cancelled by media moguls getting fabulously rich off COVID the same way Hearst and Pulitzer got rich in the fake news game, that a study was conducted, and peer reviewed by prestigious scientists we trust (i.e., not funded by big Pharma or the government), that showed a causal link between taking prescription drugs and having severe COVID complications. The study would conclude that they don’t understand the causal factors, just that a link exists.

This assertion sets up a global Sophia’s Choice of unprecedented scale. The lose-lose dilemma would be this; do you stop taking your medications and risk whatever your drugs were supposed to prevent to be safe from COVID, or do you continue taking your medications knowing they may cause severe complications should you contract COVID?

What is the moral obligation to yourself and to society? Consider for example, the treatment for high blood pressure. While challenging, high blood pressure can be managed with diet and exercise, it’s just that most people prefer the easier route of swallowing a pill every morning so they can continue eating poorly and exercising little. They’re also pressured by medical doctors who are just a few prescription points short of this year’s all-expensive paid trip to the tropics courtesy of big Pharma. Do these people have a moral obligation to society to get off their medications and manage their high blood pressure with diet and exercise to keep from having COVID complications?

If you answer yes, they have an obligation to get off those immune compromising medications, then I hope you are logically consistent with what follows, because this is the very argument advanced by advocates for vaccine mandates? Think about the rational being offered by Brandon and his vaccine mandate henchman, fearless Fauci; they insist you take a drug (i.e., the non-vaccine vaccine) to counter what the drugs you’re already taking have done to your body. To put this another way, you are being forced to take a drug because they addicted you to a drug, when you could skip the latest drug they’re pushing by refusing their previously pushed drug. Which side of that logical conundrum do you think corrupt politicians and unethical medical professionals are lining up on with all the money and prescription-points at stake? To quote one of the liberal left’s most revered politicians, “It’s all about the Benjamin’s, baby.

In this scenario, the vaccine that vaccine mandate advocates are pushing has nothing to do with preventing COVID, which we know is true from the high rate of breakthrough cases. The intended purpose of the non-vaccine vaccine is to counteract the way your prescription drugs have compromised your once healthy body’s ability to combat COVID. If you think that’s outrageous, ask yourself why the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was discredited? The J&J vaccine was based on proven vaccine protocols that don’t mess with your body’s DNA, while the other so-called COVID vaccines are based on new and unproven DNA altering protocols. Why the sudden insistence on a DNA altering drug when a traditional vaccine shown to prevent COVID was available? Could it be that they needed a radical way of “adjusting” your body due to all the prescription medicine they addicted you to?

J&J offered their vaccine to the world profit free, while the other vaccine producers are making billions in profit, and if you think some of that money’s not flowing into Washington, you’re as naive as politician’s routinely assume you to be. The J&J vaccine only needs one dose, while the others required multiple jabs and as recently as today, big Pharma is recommending even more jabs. If you think this is being conspiratorial, I invite you to review the history of what happened to Jonas Salk when he made his polio vaccine available to the world at no coast, and big Pharma shut him down, the parallels are uber astonishing.

I also invite you to look at the recent announcement from the Children’s Hospital of Texas. They are working with pharmaceutical companies in India and Indonesia to produce an unpatented COVID vaccine they developed on a proven protocol platform that they’ll make available to underdeveloped countries at no cost. That is exactly what Jonas Salk attempted to do with his polio vaccine before getting canceled. It’s probable this vaccine will actually prevent COVID since developing countries lack the financial resources to entice big Pharma and there’s no American Medical Association (AMA) distribution network. I worry about the personal safety of the researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Texas once big Pharma and corrupt politicians get wind of their plans, global humanitarian acts of such grand altruism simply cannot be tolerated, not with so much profit at stake.

The logic being pushed by vaccine mandate advocates, i.e., government, big Pharma, and medical professionals, is that you’re obligated to take a drug because you take drugs, thus perpetuating the cycle of addiction. In fact, Brandon says it’s your patriotic duty to take these unproven DNA altering drugs because he cleared the playing field of real COVID vaccines. Meanwhile, just like the shady dude on the dankly lit corner dropping dime bags to rich guys in their Bentley’s, the fine folks in their white lab coats and pretentiously framed degrees, along with their Cartel suppliers, rake in the billions upon billions in COVID profits while accumulating prescription-points toward their next tropical vacation.

I’m not suggesting this hypothesis is valid, I don’t have to. I’m a scientist and as such, I retain the intellectual freedom to explore whatever “What-If,” piques my curiosity. As a scientist, I also have the intellectual freedom to logically test any hypothesis I choose to explore, even if it’s later proven to be wrong through reductio ad absurdum. So, I put this hypothesis out there, and in the true spirit of scientific pursuit, challenge you to prove it wrong……..or right, yikes.