Trump Wins! Trump Wins!

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Dateline 10/31/2020: In a bold affirmation of Truth, Justice, and the American Way, President Donald J. Trump has emphatically won re-election to his second term. More than ever, America needed Americans to stand up to tell politicians enough is enough, which is exactly what they have done. In an election cycle that saw the politicalization of a pandemic, convincing evidence a former Vice President betrayed our nation while in office, the takeover of the Democratic Part by radical socialists, and Democratic governors and mayors condoning riots and destruction while threating to deploy riot police to homes where people peacefully gather to celebrate Thanksgiving (e.g., NY and CA), America desperately needed Americans to stand up to say enough is enough.

The Polls Were Wrong: No one should ever believe a political or media funded poll again, these polls should be relegated to the same dark dank cellar as industry sponsored research or agenda driven climate change studies. To understand why pollsters purposely misled the masses, you have to understand the phycological tendency they attempted to exploit during the run-up to this election; namely that people want to vote for the person who wins, it allows them to see themselves as wise. For example, if you study the underlying numbers in polls taken before the 2016 election, you find that President Trump was always ahead. I tried pointing this out to my son, who was then working for the Hillary campaign in Washington and already measuring for his inauguration tux. Unfortunately, he didn’t understand my mathematical analysis of poll numbers and what the evidence was concluding.

This election cycle was no different. If you look under the hood of most polls you find several telling signs that Trump was always ahead. For starters, most polls solicit a significantly higher number of Democrats than Republicans; I have seen national polls where difference is as high as 20% (or 20 points in polling language). Then these polls weight the results, which is a mathematical term for manipulating (i.e., skewing) the outcome. For example, a recent Gallup poll, threw out 25% of the Republican respondents. Another national poll decarded 30% of Republican respondents. In both cases the pollsters deceitfully asserted that all Democrat respondents were likely to vote but only 70% of Republican respondents would turn out to vote. One can only assume their assertion was based on observations Joe, Kamala, and Barry only averaged 100 supporters that their rallies while Donald routinely hauled in thirty- to forty-thousand supporters at each of three to four rallies per day.

Additionally, these misleading polls tended tend to be conducted in Democratic strong holds. For example, along both coasts, or in urban areas of swing states where generations of federal handouts have converted voters into socialists. What you have witnessed in the past week as the polls miraculously tighten is not a Trump surge or a sudden change in voter preference, it’s the pollsters moving toward the true numbers, they’ve suppressed for months. Not wanting to look like fools with an embarrassing repeat of 2016, the pollsters suddenly feel compelled to report truthful results. My Ph.D. is in the mathematics of probability and statistics and I can tell you this contest has always been misrepresented by media looking to manipulate voter turnout.

Joe Biden is a Terrible Traitor: It is very hard to follow the news and witness the hypocrisy of Democratic voters who consistently rail against unfairness and injustice but who continually support candidates who epitomize both. Democrats started the “Me Too” movement and were gleefully destroying lives with nothing more than suspicion and accusation much like leftist did under Stalin and Pol Pot, but then had Clinton speak at their convention. Democrats go all in with BLM and Antifa rioters, but nominate a person for president who voted against ending segregation, voted for biased criminal justice, and gave the eulogy at a KKK leader’s funeral.

The one thing I have learned in the past four years is that whatever a Democrat accuses someone of, that is what they are guilty of. If a Democrat accuses someone of being a racist, it is they who are racist – look no further than Joe Bidden. If a Democrat accuses someone of colluding with Russia, it is the Democrat who conspired – look no further than Hillary Clinton, Barry Obama, and Joe Bidden. If Democrats accuse someone of taking bribes from Ukraine, it is the Democrats who took bribes – look no further than Joe Bidden (on video even). If the Democrats accuse someone of not peacefully transitioning power following an election, it is they who are guilty – look no further than the failed coup d’├ętat lead by Barry Obama, Joe Biden, and the deep state. If the Democrats accuse someone of being a traitor to their country, look no further than Joe Biden and his traitorous patronage to China and Russia. Thanks God for allowing America enough time to figure this out even though the leftist media did everything they could to suppress the truth.

Let the Rioting Begin: We all know what happens next. The Governor of Wisconsin has already mobilized his national guard. The New York City police are telling business owners they’re on their own and should board up their store fronts and remove valuable inventory. Meanwhile, in peaceful Republican run states, governors and police departments are preparing a for their usual Tuesday night of small time incidents before peacefully calling it a night after the bars close – and yes, bars are still open in Republican run states. Elsewhere, rioters are already planning when, where, and how much destruction to pursue – the irony is that they do this planning irrespective of who wins. For the leftist who now run the Democratic party this is their new normal. And for the rest of America, in case you don’t know it, we are in a Civil War that is going to explode. Pick a side, there is no middle ground in a Civil War.

The COVID Crisis Can Finally Be Over: According to the CDC, the COVID pandemic ended in early June. Also according to the CDC, as of early September, the actual number of Americans who died from COVID was 9,400. Contrast that number with the 240,000 being reported by the media and you get a sense for how unreal the media and political class has promulgated this crisis into hysteria. Keep in mind that 2.2 million Americans die every year from something and so far in 2020 the number of deaths is lower than projected. Also keep in mind that when the CDC reports respiratory deaths they use what they call a PIC number (pneumonia, influenza, and COVID). When you look at the aggregate, the number of PIC deaths in America so far this year is not as far from normal as over-sensationalized media and medical reports would suggest. Also always keep in mind that in times of crisis you need to follow the money to ascertain the truth. Hospitals and doctors are cashing in on COVID in ways that would make Jack Sparrow blush – $40K for each COVID reported death. There’s not much profit in 9,400 death, but at 240,000, the gravy starts to flow.

With the election over, there is no need to continue the COVID hysteria, except for Democratic Governors too drunk on consolidated power to sober up. I applaud President Trump for understanding that he could not logic his way out of hysteria. No matter how much evidence he presents about the true nature of the virus, even getting it himself and quickly recovering, he cannot talk people back from their mass hysteria. That is why he smartly focuses on a vaccine, which is the only way to end the hysterical an dictatorial overreach of state and local governments. Whether or not the vaccine is a placebo is a topic for later, but the vaccine-gambit is the only way out… and I think after this election even power-mad Democrats will find little value in continuing the hysteria so will get on board as a face-saving exit strategy.

Note About Absence: Those who regularly follow my blog no doubt noticed that for that past two months I have gone silent, content to post recipes and share a stories. That is because after months of trying to shed light on the true nature of the pandemic, I had to step aside recognizing that facts and logic always lose to hysteria. I also stayed away from posting because I did not want to be drawn into political discourse, especially during such a divided time in our country. During my hiatus however, I have undergone a metamorphous and I now speak out, not on my blog but in other ways. For example, I no longer stay silent when a lefty spews their unsolicited opinions in public. It is time for American’s to push back against corrupt government, the deep state, and the radical looney left seeking to destroy our country and I have found ways to address these unamericans; small ways to be sure, but if we all draw even a small line we can still save our country. For example, I now openly defy my Governor as often as I can – I fish on lakes she has closed, I don’t wear a mask when I jog or cycle, and I gather with friends to play poker of just enjoy life free from dictatorial suppression.

Being Spot On: If any politician said anything during this election cycle that was spot on, it was during the last Presidential Debate when Donald J. Trump said we as a nation, as a world, have to learn to live with COVID and get on with our lives. Now that the election is over, it is time to do just that, time to get on with our lives.

Chilling Observation: Have you wondered about why the media and Democratic leadership worked so hard to suppress the fact that their Presidential candidate was a traitor who sold out to our enemies? Of course there is the obvious answer that they were embarrassed, which I am sure they were. But isn’t it telling that they’re so power-crazed they’ll promote the election of a bonafide “Manchurian Candidate.” But one has to wonder if that was in fact their end game? My theory is that once Biden got elected, the deep state would move swiftly to remove Joe; not for acute mental incapacity, but for being a traitor. They would use the suppressed Biden corruption evidence to impeach, convict, and remove Joe from office so they could then install their deep-state operative. While calling on the country to come together and heal after such a tragic revelation, they could move to enact the far left progressive agenda carte blanche.