Quarantine Day 28: What Trusted Experts Are Missing

For the past week, I’ve been tracking two phenomena that none of the experts have picked up on, and no one in the media is reporting. Namely, that the global rate of expansion for the number of deaths, which had been constant since March 24th, is now declining, as indicated by the second column in the above table. Second, the mythical April 14th apex will not happen as projected by experts because the actual apex occurred in late March. Since then, the rate of US COVID deaths has been contracting (see third column in the above table), as the plot above indicates. Meanwhile, Fauci, Brix, the University of Washington, and the media keep insisting the rate of deaths are expanding. Once again we are being let down by experts we’re supposed to trust and news outlets who claim to be thoroughly vetting.

I’m not a bible expert, but one can’t help but see the appropriateness of Ecclesiastes 1:2, when referring to the actions of Fauci, Brix, the University of Washington, and the media; “vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, is all vanity.