Making Cake Flour

If you want to make a light and fluffy cake for date night that leaves your date thinking she’s one step closer to heaven, you probably want to use a recipe that calls for cake flour. Only you go to the store and the clerk looks all weird at you when you ask for it, or worse, the store has it, only it cost five times more than regular flour. Fret not my little baker, making cake flour is incredibly easy, inexpensive, and you already probably have all the required ingredients – both of them. Cake flour has less protein than all purpose flour, which means less gluten, which means less structure so you get a lighter fluffier product from it. That’s good for some cakes like Angle Food, but bad for dense cakes, like Italian Wedding Cake but this is a date night, not your wedding – had ya worried didn’t I?


  • 1 cup All Purpose Flour
  • 2 TBL cornstarch


  1. Measure 1 cup of flour into a bowl and remove 2 tablespoons (because we want to end up with one cup.
  2. Add 2 TBL cornstarch
  3. Shift the mixture once into a new bowl.
  4. Shift again to make sure you have an even mixture.
  5. The shifted flour will have air incorporated into it so may measure more than a cup, but ignore that its a cup. I recommend weighing the mixture so that in the future (should you decide to store this), you know how much is a cup.

Note: The reason I avoid telling you how much a cup of cake flour weighs is that it can vary depending on several factors, such the humidity and the type of flour you use (bleached or unbleached). Unless I’m making Angle Food cake, I usually will use unbleached flour, why eat chemicals I say.