Salmon cured with citrus, dill and gin

Mise en Place

Gravlox is a Nortic dish made from salmon cured with salt, sugar, and dill. For me, it is an absolute must that you use wild salmon. If you knew what they fed farm raised salmon (no joke, chicken shit) and how they dye the meat, you’d never it. Also, wild salmon is rich in Omega 3 (the good omega) and low in Omega 6 (the bad omega). Farm raised salmon is low in Omega 3 but high in Omega 6, which means it’s less healthy.

Pre-wrapped Gravlox

In addition to salt, sugar and dill, my recipe involves gin, along with lemon, lime and orange zests. So in that sense maybe I should call it “Old School Martini Gravlox.” Making gravlax is pretty straight forward, wash your fresh salmon and leave the skin on. Spread your ingredients along both sides and wrap in film. Put wrapped salmon on a tray and put another tray on top. Put in frig with a weight on top (I use a gallon jug of milk). Every two days flip the salmon. The gravlax is ready in about 5-6 days.

Finished Gravlox

The best way to serve finished gravlox is as thin slices. The best way to slice is at an angle perpendicular to the grain using the cured skin to scrape against. I like to try different ways of plating, but my kids like to just have it on a cream cheese bagel.

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