Try one of the other five French Mother Sauces

If you’ve ever heard of one of the five French Mother Sauces, it was probably Demi-glace; cool to write, fun to say. After what we just went through with the unheard of Espagnole sauce, you’re probably thinking Demi-glace is for graduate studies.

Hate to disappoint you, it’s not. Demi-glace is so easy, it probably doesn’t even count, which I’m guessing is how the French got five Mother Sauces from six recipes.

To make demi-glace,

Grilled Steak, Southern Grits, Broccoli with Demi-glace sauce
  1. Make either traditional Espagnole or vegetarian Espagnole
  2. Mix Espagnole with equal parts stock (same stock you used for the Espagnole)
  3. Reduce to one half.
  4. Serve

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