Here are the cooking and baking recipes I have enjoyed exploring. If you try one, let me know what you think, including how well I explained it and how much you enjoyed eating it. My goal is to present recipes in a way a that makes them so simple and easy to follow that even an engineer could impress people they might harbor chef-like talent.

Note to Guys: if you’re not motivated yet consider this, research has found that women find men who cook the most sexy. Unfortunately, to really impress you have to let the ladies watch you at work which can at times be a bit of a disaster. In a recent survey, single women mention cooking as the best way for a man to differentiate himself from the other losers she’s been dating. Now that I have your attention, let’s button up that cooking jacket, don your favorite headwear, and hone the edge of your chef’s knife.


Sauces, Soups, and Sides



Background: Chef Dolin has been involved in the culinary arts for over forty years. He’s worked in multiple restaurants and bars, and traveled extensively in Europe and Asia in search of local cuisines. He founded New Mexico’s first legal distillery specializing in locally sourced bourbon, whiskey, gin, and brandy. Along with manufacturing fine spirits, he produced Ports and Sherries in his winery. While hosting special events such as wine appreciation or mixology classes, he routinely prepared gourmet cuisines. Chef Dolin recently trained at the Gastronomicom Institute in Provence, France.

Professional Ambition: Work in Santa Fe’s top kitchens.

Personal Goals: 1) Prepare a classic New Mexico Green Chili Cheeseburger for President Trump to showcase our great state, and 2) Present elegant recipes on this blog that are so easy an engineer can make them.

Caveat: I cook at 7,500 feet elevation in a dry desert environment. This is not the same as sea level. When I remember, I’ll point out high altitude exceptions to my recipes. In general, it matters more in baking than cuisine; as they say, while cuisine is an art, baking is a science. For example, I have found that while many baking recipes instruct you to raise the oven temperature and increase baking times at elevation, this usually results in dry overbaked products.