COVID Day 63: Cooking the Books

I have been providing evidence for weeks that the CDC is sensationalizing the COVID death data. Today, the governor of Colorado confirms that the CDC is in fact overcounting COVID deaths in his state. Colorado lowered it’s COVID death count from 1,150 to 878 acknowledging that the number of COVID deaths has been sensationalized. This represents a 24% reduction, which also means the CDC overcounted Colorado COVID deaths by at least 24%. We already know the overcounting in other states has been as high as 100% (e.g., NY and PA), which begs the question, who can we trust regarding this “crisis” and how bad is it really?

It’s interesting to cast the COVID crisis from an international perspective and examine how diversely different countries manage their propaganda apparatchik. For example, while the U.S. intentionally inflates and sensationalizes the COVID crisis, Russia takes the opposite tact and underreports deaths in an effort to project minimal impacts that are being heroically managed by fearless leader. While Russia has the second highest reported infection rate in the world with 272,043 reported cases, they have a remarkably low death count with only 2,418 reported deaths.

Given that Russia has a population of 145,925,000, their COVID statistics translate to .19% of their population infected and 0.88% of those infected eventually dying. By contrast, the U.S. reports that 0.459% of their population has been infected with 6.04% of those infected eventually dying. The percent of population really isn’t an indicator of anything because of when, how, and how many get tested. But the percent of those identified as infected who die, is a telling statistic; just not for the reason you might assume.

It seems hard to imagine that with the U.S. having a vastly superior healthcare system and profoundly more access to healthcare, that our death rate could be 7 times higher than Russia’s. I get that Russians are from hardy stock and used to enduring far more hardship than their American counterparts, but these numbers don’t conflate with expectations.

We know the U.S. overcounts and it’s hard to imagine given their published COVID data that the Russians aren’t undercounting. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the Tao, in other words, in the middle.

When China reported their very low numbers for COVID deaths, we all dismissed it as communist’s propaganda. But now the Russians release similar numbers. Is it possible these two communists regimes are in cahoots? Maybe, but they’ve had frosty relations of late with China recently closing its border with Russia.

Try to wrap your mind around this, the U.S. represents 4% of the world’s population but thus far is attributed with 29% of all COVID deaths in the world. Well you say, that’s because we got hit harder than everyone else and those damn Democrats/Republicans, pick your perpetrator, have done a lousy job managing this crisis. I reference you up three paragraphs to where we proudly agreed the U.S. has the best healthcare system in the world. And let’s not forget that Navy Hospital ship in New York that never saw any real flow of COVID patients and the converted NYC convention center hospital that wasn’t utilized. In fact, during the height of their crisis, NY hospitals were laying staff off. Something’s not completely copacetic here.

According to IndexMundi, 165,000 people die of something not related to COVID each year in New York, which translates to 452 people per day. So far this year, 62,200 New Yorkers have died, but the projected number of people who should have died from something (not including COVID) is 62,314. This means that even with the media hyped COVID crisis in NY, the state had 114 fewer deaths than projected so far this year without accounting for COVID. Who’s in charge of the Animal Farm in NY and how was the media so willingly bamboozled, and what’s driving this non-crisis?

What if Russia and China are truthfully reporting on this crisis/noncrisis and it’s an indicator of just how much the U.S. is sensationalizing their numbers? Not possible you say, those are the two most dishonest regimes in the world. Well, consider this, isn’t just a tad coincidental that not only is the U.S. COVID death rate 7 times higher than Russia and China, it’s also 7 times higher than they rest of the world. I leave it to you to pick your favorite conspiracy theory, but let’s at least agree, the only legitimate way to make sense of this is that someone’s cooking the books.


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