At the Risk of Revolution

Every man has his moment, and in that moment, he learns the mettle of his manhood. And as people stand up to be counted, we often discover it’s women leading the way. While leaders of the free world watch like timid mice cornered by a crazed alley cat, the peaceful people of Ukraine hold on against the savagery of an immoral Russian military. Meanwhile, an anonymous group of international hackers, known mostly for their anarchists exploits, have rallied to the cause of freedom by openly declaring war on Russia.

These anonymous freedom fighters are aggressively disrupting the Russian military, financial sectors, and infrastructure through advanced tactics in cyber warfare. More than bullets and blood, these patriots have the potential to bring Putin to his knees, and in the process, perhaps propel the good citizens of Russia that enough of Putin’s tyrannical dictatorship is finally enough.

There are two things about the last great Russian revolution not many realize, first, Vladimir Lenin was sitting out World War I, above a butcher shop in Switzerland when the Germans got the idea that if they planted him in Russia at just the right time, in just the right place, they could instigate sufficient chaos to disrupt Russia enough that their army would refuse to fight. While this strategy was effective, it also backfired, because once the Russian army was infected with a “people’s movement,” they infected the German army and desertions ran rampant on both sides of the Eastern front. The take away from this is that there is a tradition within the Russian army of taking a moral stand, and if ever your moral mettle has been called into question dear Russian army comrades, it is this moment in Ukraine.

The second thing many overlook when crediting Lenin for the Russian revolution of 1917, is that he didn’t start it; he just happened to be the right person, in the right place, at exactly the right moment. What really started the Russian Revolution of 1917, was a 1905 strike by women at a Saint Petersburg factory demanding better pay, better working conditions, and an end to the abusive and oppressive treatment from their tyrant, Czar Nicholas Romanov. When Romanov ordered his soldiers to shoot the women protesters in what is called “Bloody Sunday“, instead of quelling unrest, it fomented into nationwide anger that culminated in 1917 when a train carrying the secret German agent arrives in Russia where Lenin is met by his fellow psychopathic mass murderer, Leon Trotsky, who together exploit the women’s movement to instigate a full blown revolution.

Fast forward 105 years and Russia finds itself in a similar moment where an oppressive psychopathic dictator, along with his ruling oligarchs, have ordered their army into neighboring Ukraine to kill and destroy what even they assert are “fellow Russians in Russia.” This is just how sick, demented, and lustfully intoxicated with power and greed the depraved Russian oligarchs are.

While the brave and courageous people of Ukraine hold on against a massive, and massively oppressive, Russian army, the free nations of the world idle by with token gestures of outrages served on platters of indifference. Meanwhile, an army of the people has emerged to declare war on evil. An army so stealth and so advanced in modern warfare they can paralyze the Russian military and disrupt what the psychopathic oligarchs care most about, power and money. So effective at disruption is this “Anonymous” army they could successfully sow the seeds of revolution. . . I do not agree with the politics or anarchist agenda of this group, however, in this moment, for this cause, I salute their valor and wish I were a good enough hacker to contribute to their platform.

So now, good citizens of Russia, this is your moment. Will you continue as subservient serfs under the yoke of oligarch oppression, or will you show the same true strength of character and moral fortitude your great-great-grandmothers did 1905, and risk a revolution that could once again change Russia forever?